handmaid's tale

Women are Not Incubators

Someone posted an image on social media saying they are an incubator. This is a very low self-esteem thing to say.   There have been many female saints and many catholic devotions started by women.  It was Our Lady whose “Yes” to God made it possible for Jesus to be born as a man and save us. Even Our Lady was not an “incubator” of Jesus.  An incubator is a device. Our Lady is not a device and she was definitely not a “breeder”.  This language…

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No to hatred and demonization of pro choice people.

No to hatred and demonization of pro choice people. Stop screenshotting and demonising anyone not just them. You know it’s against the EU GDPR / Data protection regulations. You are not “commenting” on them, instead you are calling them all sort of names and condemning them to hell. Such harassment is very unchristian. What happened to judge not lest ye be judged ? Also the screenshot was referring to black humour, the episode of Blackadder about the baby-eating Bishop, which few seem to get here…

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Halloween and its Fake History

Sometime it is claimed that Halloween  “was originally a pagan feast and then the Christians baptised it. Depending on who you talk to, this proves that a) Christianity is really just warmed over Druidry (according to neo-pagans) or b) the Catholic Church is an evil pagan cult that drove Real Bible-believing Christians underground with their devil-worshiping ways (according to Protestant Fundamentalists). Thing is, none of that is real.“ Hallowe’en, as the eve of All Saints’ Day, originated entirely independently of Samhain. If anything we catholics…

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