handmaid's tale

Women are Not Incubators

Someone posted an image on social media saying they are an incubator.

handmaid's tale
By Charles Edward Miller from Chicago, United States – Illinois Handmaids Speak Out Stop Brett Kavanaugh Rally Downtown Chicago Illinois 8-26-18 3530, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=73334287

This is a very low self-esteem thing to say.   There have been many female saints and many catholic devotions started by women.  It was Our Lady whose “Yes” to God made it possible for Jesus to be born as a man and save us. Even Our Lady was not an “incubator” of Jesus.  An incubator is a device. Our Lady is not a device and she was definitely not a “breeder”.  This language is dehumanising and shameful. Our Lady is a person and is His Mother. She is the highest representation of the most noble womanhood. Protestants sometimes call Our Lady an “incubator” as if God just used her and impregnated her, and then abandoned her. A woman who is an “incubator” would be just impregnated by her partner and then abandoned.

Similarly, women today are not devices. They are persons. Also a woman can do other things besides giving birth. Nobody is any less a woman if she does not do so.

The Church does not want to make women barefoot and pregnant. It does not want to degrade women, it wants to honour personhood and womanhood. And it does not say that marriage is just for procreation or that all women have to become pregnant. Indeed the language of primary (procreation and upbringing of children) and secondary ends of marriage was abolished in Vatican Council II (for more on this see, Jack Dominian Lay Prophet?) .