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Suggestion about the Cross as reparation for European Court sentence in Strasbourg

We received this email “Qed tigri l-idea li biex inpattu ghall-offiza li saret lill-KURCIFISS bis-sentenza tal-Qorti Ewropea ta’ Stasburgu, b’konnessjoni mal-FESTA TA’ KRISTU Re –li tant ghandha x’taqsam mal-Kurcifiss — inwahhlu l-Kurcifiss mal-gallarijiet, it-twieqi u l-bibien taghna, minn barra, u nzejnuh u nixeghluh, il-Gimgha is -Sibt u l-Hadd, 20, 21 u 22 ta’ Novembru- fid-djar il-kazini u l-ghaqdiet taghna . Fi knejjes u skejjel u ghaqdiet, tista’ tinghata xi forma ta’ qima lill-Kurcifiss, per ezempju bhall-bews tieghu fil-Gimgha l-kbira. Mexxu dan is-suggeriment b’kull mod. Tistghu…

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Could This Be the cause for the many Separations in the Maltese Islands?

Contributed article: From experience within local families, parents are entitled to offer their help in the education of their children especially in the environment of the Catholic or Christian faith. But do we live in accordance to a Catholic / Christian life, keeping with the Gospel and especially with God’s commandments, so as to get enriched in any other form of teaching, that is the love of God and neighbor? Some could use the Parish Community so as to enrich their children in catechism teachings…

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