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Don’t get Caught in The Rapture Trap!

An interesting post in the facebook group Divine Mercy Apostolate sparked an interesting debate. Well the poster did not want to listen or understand, but it’s good to clarify things like “the Rapture”. The OP wrote “THE RAPTURE IS COMING VERY SOON!!…… WHERE THE TRUE CHRISTIAN WILL BE TAKEN AWAY WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT…..AND THERE WILL BE TERRIBLE DARKNESS AND TRIBULATION TAKING PLACE ON EARTH……BELIEVE ME!!!! THIS IS NOT SCARE MONGERING!!!…….THE SCRIPTURES HAS TO BE FULLFILLED!! ARE YOU READY??? THATS MY $100 MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION????????”…

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Next Healing Service at Mdina Square, Mdina (MALTA)

The next healing service by the Marana Tha’ catholic charismatic community lead by Dr John Bonnici Mallia will be held at the Mdina Square (open-air) at Mdina (next to the Cathedral). It will be held at 8pm next Saturday 1st August 2009. Jesus still heals today! To get updates on the healing services please follow us on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/catholichealing

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