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“Era of Peace” or Milleniarism?

  People have been posting about a concept of an “Era of Peace” on Earth, or an Intermediate Coming of Christ. First of all one must define what its meant by this. This is believed by some to be a perfect era where people are good, and there are no wars, no violence, everyone is living in “peace”. I do not think this will happen in history. We did have a (not perfect) “time of peace” (call it era of peace if you like) prophecied…

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Pope Francis and Pope John Paul II on “Responsible parenthood” does not require people “to be like rabbits” to be good Catholics

From AP: Pope Francis denounced Monday what he calls the “ideological colonization” of families and the developing world, where he says progressive, Western ideas about birth control and gay rights are increasingly being imposed by groups, institutions or individual nations — often as a condition for development aid. Francis said Catholics don’t have to “be like rabbits” and have more children than is safe or responsible. He said there are plenty of church-approved ways to regulate births. But he said most importantly, no outside institution…

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